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Spike Milligan

Terrence Allan "Spike" Milligan was born in India on 16 April 1918 of English parents. He called himself "Spike" as a tribute to the comic bandleader Spike Jones. His family returned to England in 1934. (Spike's parents and brother, Desmond, later had the good sense to migrate to Australia and settle in Woy Woy.)

Spike worked as a factory hand and a scrubber in a laundry, as well as playing trumpet, before being conscripted into the army at the outbreak of World War 11. He met Harry Secombe in the army and the two teamed up for concerts. After the War he began writing comedy.

As well as writing and acting in the Goon Show, Spike has appeared in several films his own TV series and has written books of poetry (especially comic verse for children), fiction and autobiography.

Spike Milligan, aged 83, died on 27 February 2002 from liver failure. He had suffered from depression and mental illness for most of his adult life. His condition was linked to shell shock which he received during the Second World War.

Books by Spike Milligan

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